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Global positioning system – the latest innovation of forward-looking technology – detects real-time location, time and activity of target objects. Simply it improves safety standards whether they are related to your fleet vehicle managing business or personal life. 

WhereYouAre GPS understands tracking needs of the day and its addition in tracking sphere is a sign of continual struggle for reliable safety. GPS tracking makes life easier by saving insurance of fleet management and delicate relations as well. Eco-friendly and cheap GPS technology provides transparent tracking services for employers who want to track their employees on regular basis.

What Can GPS Tracker Do For You…?


This is cheap to run opportunity for every class of society to have GPS technology for supervision concerns. Leading purposes of global positioning technology are:

  • Professional growth
  • Progression in mutual trust
  • Personal welfare & comfort

Various multinational companies look for reduced production costs in order to win maximum revenues. To keep in touch with employees is indispensible for the success of any business because in this way they do not neglect their duties and keep working with responsible behavior. WhereYouAre GPS is a tracking app and it has compatibility with Blackberry and Android devices.

It sends alert notifications on smartphones whenever it detects problems with target vehicle fleet, employees or members of family. GPS tracking gives full command to the users of this technology over employees and for whatever purpose they use it.

Global Positioning System for Individuals   


Not only business class but also common people can make effective use of GPS tracking technology. Those parents conscious of their kids’ activities can have full information about kids’ routine through GPS. GPS tracking solution lets you know about loyalty as well as disloyalty of your spouse within likely short time. If he/she is cheating in the absence of spouse, GPS keeps full record to present before your spouse as a valid proof.

GPS tracking technology is quite legal to employ and this is your legal right to keep an eye on your spouse so that he/she may not cheat you. Global positioning is the only solution that can ensure long-term safety of relations because human supervision takes much time for little results. And the reports you get from hired supervisors have doubt for their validity but WhereYouAre GPS sends nothing except true statements on your Android devices or Blackberry.

You can get support from GPS if you remain busy in your professional routine and find no way to supervise activities of your family. This is very simple to use this technology that fits your tracking needs.



Global positioning system lets you catch cheating spouse and deceitful employees without leaving your comfort zone. You just install this tracking solution on your communication device and it starts working for you. Efficiency and productivity of business automatically increases when there is involvement of GPS tracking. Users of this smart technology are fortunate enough to pace with advancing world of today. Individuals as well as worldwide app reselling companies can buy WhereYouAre GPS to get the best returns over it. 

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