Global Positioning System – Learn About It

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GPS is satellite navigation system which consists of 24 satellites. GPS provides exact information about location and time information of target people and things. GPS is used by Military, cellular, intelligence and automobile companies. Everyone can use GPS who has GPS receiver or smartphones. GPS provides many benefits and some of technical features are here below:



Satellite transmits the signals from space which receives by GPS receiver on earth. Satellite transmits the message with the time and location from satellite position .On earth receiver receives information and calculates the distance from space. Then algorithm works to locate the target on earth.



GPS consists of three segments.

GPS Structure as Space Segment


Space segments consist of 24 satellites. Satellites move in circular orbits. These orbits are centered on earth.

GPS Structure as Control Segment


Control segments consist of three sub parts.

  • Master control station
  • Alternate master control station
  • Four dedicated ground antennas
  • Six dedicated monitor stations

GPS Structure as User segment


User segment consists of an antenna tuned on satellite frequency. User segment includes Stable clock, processors and GPS receiver.



GPS-A Plan of Defense


Global Positioning system provides the great solution to military for Defense. Military uses the GPS to target the enemy. Position of enemy on ground cannot be detected without GPS. Military use the satellites to track the enemy. Now-a-days, military use the GPS technology in missiles.GPS improves the efficiency of military defense.

GPS-A Tracking System


GPS improves the efficiency of tracking system. Now-a days, GPS tracking systems are implemented in vehicles, cellular products, business lines, military lines, Police lines.GPS globalizes the tracking system.GPS provides the efficient security to all over the world. It has brought great innovation in medical field by developing the human brain map.

GPS-Location Sensitive System


All cellular companies use GPS due to its location sensitive benefits. Cellular companies locate position of any person through GPS technology. GPS reduces the robbery incidents and blackmailing calls due to its location sensitivity. Parents can check their son’s or daughter’s location by GPS. Moving vehicles are also located by GPS. You can find any location of any city of any country by GPS.



GPS-Cost Affective Product


Major disadvantage of GPS is cost.GPS based products are expensive.



GPS-Signal Reception


Reception of signals of GPS devices is clear only in line of sight communication. Without line of sight communication, receiver does not receive signals correctly. Hurdles, obstacles and buildings defects the signals.

GPS-Updated Maps


Maps on GPS software are not updated. Due to construction process new roads, buildings, rivers, lacks are not present in GPS software.

GPS-Power Consumer


GPS devices need constant supply of power; batteries cannot work for longer durations. GPS devices consume more power than other devices so it seems useless to rely over batteries in GPS devices.

GPS-Maintenance of Backup


Backup of maps are kept in software because if satellite stops tracking due to the blockage of building, hurdles and obstacles, it creates tracking issues. Then you can track the position through software.

GPS-Product Accuracy


GPS signals are not completely accurate because any obstacle can defect the signal. Atmospheric conditions like geomagnetic rays also affect the signals.



GPS tracking system is applicable for many purposes some of them are given below.

Clock synchronization, Cellular telephone, Air craft tracking, vehicle tracking, position tracking, map making, navigation, robotics, recreation, surveying.

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