Global Positioning System – An Over View


The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a space-based tracking system that is maintained with the help of satellites orbiting around Earth. The system provides with the location and time information to anyone or anything with a GPS Receiver. The GPS tracker system can tell the information in all positions, weather anywhere near Earth or even within the close vicinity of the planet, like when travelling in airplanes. It all depends upon the signal strength. The devices should be within the range of any of the satellites revolving around the planet for the navigation system. It is maintained by the Government of United States and it can be used or accessed by any person with the GPS receiver device.

Ancient people depended upon a compass and the stars to trace their paths and their destinations were marked based upon the movements of the stars and other planets. Different tools were used to calculate angles of the sun, moon and stars to help them path their routes.

Elements needed to create a GPS tracker system were developed by 1959 but it took several decades before the technology was functioning properly.

The military first came up with the idea of GPS tracking system in the year 1973. Later in 1993, The US Air Force launched the 24th satellite which completed the system of 24 satellites that circle the Earth. Additional satellites have been launched further to enhance the efficiency and improve the tracking system.

The Design for GPS tracking system is similar to that of radio-based-on-ground navigation system. The first satellite that was launched in space for the tracking purpose was done in 1989. Over the last decade, the government of US has made several improvements that include new signals for peoples ease and enhanced accuracy for all of its users while making use of the existing GPS equipment.

The main features of a GPS tracking solution are locating the position. However, with the advancement of Technology, Global Positioning Units have the additional ability to be used as a communication device. Cell phones usually come with installed GPS capabilities which make the navigation system a secondary application. The drawback of this is that these are all electronic devices and they may tend to change the accuracy of the results depending upon external conditions like bad weather, inappropriate handling of the devices and the electrical discharge that may even damage the most modern technology.


Global Positioning System helps to accommodate the positive changes that are for making the human life secure and for the betterment of the society. The device not only tells you the distance covered but also the time needed further to reach the destination. It also calculates the vertical distance that is commonly termed as altitude. A person just has to carry a single unit and he can travel to anywhere on Earth, his location can be detected easily by the GPS Tracking SolutionThe system’s efficiency is continuously increasing and the prices are decreasing which makes the demand of the system even higher.

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