Global Positioning System – Analysis


Global Positioning System has found its application in day to day activities during a short span of time due to its popular demand by common people. It has found its application in most devices of our everyday routines. It is commonly used for tracking location of people, buildings, pets, automobiles, Airplanes, Boats, Submarines, Helicopters, Computer systems, Laptops and even our PDAs.

The Pros:

The units that contain the GPS receivers are quite handy to carry around. Nowadays, the luxurious automobiles come with complete built in GPS systems or you can also buy a mobile device to fit into your car for tracking purposes. These mobile portable devices can be transferred from one car to the other depending upon your needs. So, when you are on a vacation and using a rental car, all you have to do is fit the portable GPS device in the car. It also tells you the direction of your destination. Just imagine the peace and quiet time you get to enjoy while you drive your car with full confidence, no matter whatever you route you take.

The Cons:

Totally depending upon a GPS tracking solutions can at times result in undesirable results. After all, these electronic devices are not always right. Since the navigation is being monitored through the satellites there might be a little bit of error while differentiating between main roads and the dirt roads. The instructions might be a little confusing at times when the software hasn’t been updates or the roads, due to some new construction, have changes the routes. Also, as a result of bad weather the results might change as well, because the results depend upon the signals that are communicated between the satellite and the receiver device. If the person is going through a thick dense forest, even then, the results might change depend upon the temporary non availability of proper communication channel for the signals.

The middle Ground:
Keeping in mind both the pros and cons of the application, one should adopt a middle ground between the two extremes. It is a nice idea to keep a proper road map along in case of travelling to an unfamiliar route. This way, one can be sure about the travelling directions that one is supposed to be heading to. A GPS tracker can however; get you out of the sticky situation with much ease as compared to the physical map but one should not completely ignore the importance of the road map. As the device can run out of batteries or the weather may turn bad.

According to a general survey, the use of GPS tracking system has been categorized into the various categories and their percentage demand is mentioned against each category as follows:

  • For car navigation – 37 %
  • Hand held devices – 26 %
  • Tracking purposes – 10 %
  • Geographic Information System – 8%
  • Survey Purposes – 7%
  • For Manufacturing – 7%
  • Vessel Voyage – 2%
  • Military related purposes – 1%

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