Global Positioning System – Development of the system


The development of the Global Positioning System was in a full functional mode by 27th April, 1995. Before that, the hard and complex procedures of launching the satellites and synchronizing them, had been going on and on for quite few years by then. These satellites transmit signals to the devices available on ground. After the development of the system, the GPS usage has been gaining momentum and by now the GPS navigation devices are found almost everywhere around us that includes devices in the cars, aircrafts, submarines, boats, buildings, helicopters, laptops and in other electronic devices of day to day use.

GPS Development:

The GPS tracker system was originally developed by keeping in mind the military needs and demands. Military testing for this new kind of navigation system started in the 70s. By the mid 80s, a dozen test satellites were launched successfully into the space. The occurrence of the most important event that paved way for the development of this system was when a Korean airlines flight was bombarded by the Soviet Union when it entered the restricted area, only because of a navigation error. From then, with the support of U.S President, it was decided that the civilians should be given access to GPS tracking system.

GPS Development Completion:

The satellites that were to be used for completing the project began to be launched in 1989. By 1993, the project was functioning properly but with the restricted access to the U.S military only. In 1994, 24th satellite was launched that completed the set needed to complete the GPS Tracker of that time. The GPS Tracker system was officially declared functional in 1995. In 1996, The then U.S President, made the system available to the civilians along with the military on a condition that the GPS Tracking Solution could be disabled for the civilians in cases of threat to the national security.
Evolution of GPS:

The Global Positioning System continued to improve its quality and provide its user with better results over time. By 2000, the signal quality that was provided to the civilians was upgraded and made equal to the military signal quality, which made the navigation devices practical and more needed than ever. By now the GPS Tracker has made its way, into electronics of everyday use, now. It is being used in Cell phones, Automobiles, Computer systems and PDAs as well. New satellites, for making the system even better than ever, are still being launched to make this system a very ‘powerful monitoring system’.

The Future:

In 2005, the launch of the new satellites enhanced the strength of the signal and improved the quality of the Global Positioning system furthermore. With the advancement of science and technology, the new generation of satellites will take over the existing satellites being used for the system. The future of this system is obviously going to be really exciting in the field of technology as it is already being adopted in objects of everyday use.

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