Global Positioning System – In Our Every Day Life


GPS was originally developed solely for military purposes by the U.S department of Defence but later with the passage of time, this technology proved to be very useful in other aspects of life as well. When the term ‘Global Position System’ is used, a spatial gadget comes into mind which tracks the positions. But, with the advancement of science and technology the GPS Tracker not only tracks down the position but performs additional functions like indicating the directions, calculating the distances of the destinations, altitudes, and acts as a communication tool in some cases as well.

System Description:
GPS tracking system has three basic divisions in which whole system is partitioned:

  • Space; All the satellites, through which the tracking is done, are present in space. These satellites orbit around the Earth in a regular pattern. A total of 28 satellites are currently revolving around the planet.
  • User; the user part contains all the receiving devices that catch the signal transmitted through the satellites.
  • Control; this part consists of the controlling towers that manage the signals sent and received through devices like satellites and receiving units. There is a sum of 5 ground stations located around the world.

GPS Applications:

Situations, where GPS Tracking Solution is used, include:

  • Emergencies; If you get injured somehow or get lost in a remote location where you have never been before or the weather may turn bad or your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, all you have to do is to use your GPS tracker and transmit your location anywhere on the globe.
  • Road trips; One should always carry a GPS tracking system while travelling to places where he has never been before. The system not only helps in tracking the positions but also acts as a map and tells the user about which road to take to reach to the desired destination. It helps you when you get lost in an unknown place and guides you to the safe locations.
  • Finding Valuables; Valuables like cars, computer systems, laptops, PDAs etc have a built in GPS system. People can easily recover these items if they ever get stolen or lost. The tracking system can also be used to locate people, shipments and vehicles. The tracker can save your life or any valuables if they get lost or stolen. The GPS tracking system is relatively inexpensive.
  • Locating people; you can have GPS installed in your children’s phones and then you can always keep a track of their locations and safety. By getting the GPS installed in any of the people’s phone you want, you can keep track without worrying about the fact that they might get lost.
  • Tracking Pets; Pet collars within built GPS tracker are available in the market now. You can buy one of these collars and then you can lose all your worries about where your pets are. Simply by tracking their position through Global Positioning System, you get to know about their location.
  • Saving Time; You can locate shortcuts along your route and that can keep you from taking un necessary long trip and save your time and make you reach the destination in a relatively short time.

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