Business And Global Positioning System


This is the nature of every living thing that he/she explores himself and the surroundings around him. The US department of defense started inventing Global positioning system a great technology, which was the demand of the rapidly growing society these days.

GPS: A new Advancement

The GPS was invented by peter H.Dana who was from the Department of geography in 1994. GPS have brought a great revolution even in the life of a common man. It is an economical innovation it helps us to save our money and valuable time which we spent just for checking our employees. With the help of this innovation we can check our employees who are not working we can kept an Eye on them even if we are at a long distance ago from them. Users are enjoying the uses of Global positioning System without any restrictions.

GPS is funded and controlled by the US Department of defense (DOD)

GPS tracking applications can be installed in iphone, ipad, Blackberry, and android phones.

Working of GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system is a worldwide radio navigation system it was formed from the conclusion of 24 satellites. A GPS tracking system uses GNSS network (Global Navigation Satellite system) this network uses microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS device and processed by reviver to find out the current location.

The operation of the system is based on simple principle trilateration. It has further two classifications 2-D trilateration and 3-D trilateration

A GPS tracking solution works in various ways

  • Ø GPS devices are used to record the positions of the vehicles while they are making their journeys. Some systems will store the data in the GPS tracking system itself these are known as passive tracking
  • Ø Some system will send the data in the series of interrelated steps within the GPS system called Active tracking

All the mobile phones emit certain radiations called radio waves signals even when they are not being used. So before the invention of GPS different telecommunication companies locate the position from the towers, but after the invention of this innovation   the positioning have become more accurate


  • With the help of GPS tracker we can get the information of our vehicle
  • We can get the speed, velocity, direction of our vehicle
  • With the help of GPS tracker we can monitor the route of delivery truck
  • GPS Tracking System is useful parents also they can have check and balance on their children’s
  • GPS provides exact location if it can be viewed into three dimensional view with the help of four satellites signals
  • With rise in the prices of petrol and gas its becoming difficult for the business owners to monitor the activities of employees so GPS helps allot to these persons
  • If we mistakenly do not remember our destination or we are not familiar with the locations in these condition diver do not need to ask someone for help GPS is our guide

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