Effective Global positioning system


Every human soul on the Earth ventures to explore himself and surroundings around him. Navigation has become pivotal to a lot of activities in today’s world. In recent years, although a cluster of technologies has simplified our tasks but these had some flaws more or less. Then U.S Department of Defense endeavored to invent a radical breakthrough technology for positioning to cater the demands posed by rapidly progressing and versatile society


GPS: A New Innovation.

The historical idea of GPS was presented by Peter H.Dana from the Department of Geography in 1994.GPS has revolutionized even the life of common man. It not only helps us save our money but also gives us a better control over our personal and professional domains. GPS has equipped the employers with technology through the use of which they are now able to detect those employees who are not slack and not doing their job well. Global positioning system has been made available to everyone in the world, anyone can get benefit from this innovative technology.GPS has, indeed, accelerated marketing all over the world.

How it works                   

This tracking system reports has a very simplified way of working, it sends information through SMS or email to the person’s Blackberry or Android device. The system was originally designed for U.S military but has found its utilitarianism for general mass use as well. GPS is funded and controlled by US Department of Defense.GPS satellite sends specially coded satellite signals to GPS receiver which then processes it and enables the receiver in computing position, velocity and time.


Not only companies involved in transportation are using this techno but personal car owners has also greatly benefited from this innovation. Car drivers are no more obliged to stop and ask directions. Your destination guide is sitting right inside your car, eager to help you reach your destination conveniently.  It helps them locate their position and assists them with step by step directions to any destination in the world. Application is pretty easy to use and can be installed in mobile devices as well.

Apart from businessmen and marketing personnel, GPS has also enabled parents to stay in touch with their beloved children. Monitoring our children away from home has been thankfully simplified by this amazing technology. Just click on your computer or phone and find out the exact location of your kid.

Care providers of Alzheimer patients are using the service to monitor and track their loved ones. Alzheimer is a mental disease condition in which the patient experiences attacks of confusion, paranoia and memory problems. These patients get confused about their surroundings and wander aimlessly often putting themselves in life threatening conditions. GPS has provided solution to this problem, saving many lives.

Either your loved one is lost somewhere or trapped in an elevator; GPS assists you step by step to rescue your beloved. There are just a few glimpses of many examples of how GPS has made our lives easy.


Global positioning system (GPS) is a very innovative invention by US department of defense. This device has increased the security levels of monitoring any one or any asset.

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