Global Positioning System-Introduction


Global positioning system is a radio navigation system and it is used by the people throughout the world. Its abbreviation is GPS. GPS is basically a GPS tracking system. GPS was developed by United States Department of Defense in 1970s. It was initially designed for use of military so that they could trace their locations and that of other units but now-a-days this is used by common people in their daily life.

Global Positioning System-Structure and Working

It consists of 24 main satellites that revolve around the Earth and ground stations. Its space segment has Earth-orbiting GPS satellites which are 27 in numbers. 24 of them are operational while 3 are extra which are used in case of emergency if one satellite fails. These send radio signals from space and are received by GPS receivers. GPS have different tracking stations that are present around the Earth. These satellites track the signals from satellites.

These satellites transmit radio wave signals to the ground which are received by GPS receivers and they find out the location and current time of satellites. The Global Navigation Satellite System is used by GPS tracking system. This network has a wide range of satellites with microwave signals. These microwave signals are sending to GPS devices to calculate time, location, speed and even direction. GPS with its four satellite signals can even calculate the position in three dimensions. To find the correct location trackers are used in this system which are known as GPS trackers and technical problems in that trackers are solved by GPS tracking solutions.

Global Positioning System-Features

Important features of GPS are following:

  • GPS devices are available in various screen sizes and may be monochrome.
  • GPS system is also available in most PDA’s and two ways radios.
  • GPS devices can find out the location within range of 15 meters.
  • Most GPS devices have ability to built-in maps.

Global Positioning System-Advantages

GPS has many advantages. Some of them are following.

  • GPS guides you to find the correct location if you are at unknown place and save us from getting lost.
  • GPS helps you to keep an eye on your children when they are out of your sight.
  •  GPS prevents drivers from emergency situations by tracing the dangerous locations.
  •  GPS is used in vehicles and these help you to trace your vehicle at any place.
  • GPS is helpful in investigating your workers that what they do in your absence.
  • GPS provides protection to your money and family and save from dangers.
  • GPS helps police to stop the violation of curfew by tracing the vehicles.

Global Positioning System-Overview

Now-a-days GPS trackers and GPS tracking solutions are very important to everyone and has major role in our lives. In today’s busiest life Global Positioning System is a greatest blessing of science which helps us in our daily life by protecting us. Everyone in today’s great hustle and bustle should have GPS system to have safe life and it will be a cause of peace in the world. Soon it will become the basic necessity and will be used by everyone.

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