GPS Tracker-Introduction


Device which follows and records the doing of something or someone and tells us about it, such a device is known as tracker.” “GPS tracker is a device which is used to find out the correct location of any person, vehicle, or any other asset by whom which it is attached by using Global Positioning System at regular intervals.


GPS Tracker-Types:

It is very useful tracker and it has different types. Some of them are given below.

  • Data pushers
  • Data pullers
  • Data loggers

Data Pushers:

Data pusher is the common type of GPS tracking system. It sends the location of the device and other characters like direction and speed of device to the main holder of the tracker which observes and save the information instantly. GPS pushers are also named as GPS Beacon. It is used for following tracking systems.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Personal tracking

Vehicle Tracking:

Vehicle tracking has following uses.

  • It tracks the vehicles and traces their accurate locations.
  • It is used by most people for security of their vehicles.
  • It also helps in search of lost vehicles by tracing them.

Asset Tracking:

          Asset tracking is used for following purposes.

  • It is used by scientists in animal control when they have to keep an eye on the animals to know that how they spend their personal lives.
  • It can also be applied on domestic animals, to search them when they get lost.

Personal Tracking:

          Personal tracking is used for following purposes.

  • It is used in some sports like gliding in which players use this and are located by owners to avoid cheating in games.
  • It is used by parents to trace their children.
  • It is used by personal detectors.
  • Some web developers use data push from GPS tracking system and GPS tracking solutions which tells their precise position accurately on a map available on their websites.

Data Pullers:

Data pullers are opposite to the data pushers. Data pullers are also known as GPS transponders. These devices remain on always and can be asked according to requirements. This technology is not widely used and is often used in cases where tracking is occasionally required.

Data Loggers:

Data loggers trace and then block the device’s location at equal intervals in its memory. It contains flash memory, memory card, and a USB port. It may also act as USB drive.

GPS Tracker-Advantages:

These trackers have following benefits.

  • It is used in marketing.
  • It prevents drivers from dangerous situations by tracing the dangerous locations.
  • It helps the police to locate the vehicles to stop the violation of curfew.
  • It helps us to locate our children and tells us about their bad habits.
  • It prevents us from getting lost in an unknown area by tracing the location and save us from dangers.

GPS Tracker-Overview:

GPS Trackers work on the principle of Global Positioning System and its problems are solved using GPS tracking solutions. These trackers are very helpful in our basic daily life and help us to keep ourselves safe from dangerous conditions. In next few years, the use of trackers will continue to explode. It will be used by everyone and then there will be peace in the world.

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