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Global Positioning System-Introduction

Global positioning system is a radio navigation system and it is used by the people throughout the world. Its abbreviation is GPS. GPS is basically a GPS tracking system. GPS was developed by United States Department of Defense in 1970s. It was initially designed for use of military so that they could trace their locations […]

GPS Tracker-Introduction

“Device which follows and records the doing of something or someone and tells us about it, such a device is known as tracker.” “GPS tracker is a device which is used to find out the correct location of any person, vehicle, or any other asset by whom which it is attached by using Global Positioning […]

Business And Global Positioning System

This is the nature of every living thing that he/she explores himself and the surroundings around him. The US department of defense started inventing Global positioning system a great technology, which was the demand of the rapidly growing society these days. GPS: A new Advancement The GPS was invented by peter H.Dana who was from […]

Effective Global positioning system

Every human soul on the Earth ventures to explore himself and surroundings around him. Navigation has become pivotal to a lot of activities in today’s world. In recent years, although a cluster of technologies has simplified our tasks but these had some flaws more or less. Then U.S Department of Defense endeavored to invent a […]

Global Positioning System – In Our Every Day Life

GPS was originally developed solely for military purposes by the U.S department of Defence but later with the passage of time, this technology proved to be very useful in other aspects of life as well. When the term ‘Global Position System’ is used, a spatial gadget comes into mind which tracks the positions. But, with […]

Global Positioning System – Analysis

Global Positioning System has found its application in day to day activities during a short span of time due to its popular demand by common people. It has found its application in most devices of our everyday routines. It is commonly used for tracking location of people, buildings, pets, automobiles, Airplanes, Boats, Submarines, Helicopters, Computer […]

Global Positioning System – Development of the system

The development of the Global Positioning System was in a full functional mode by 27th April, 1995. Before that, the hard and complex procedures of launching the satellites and synchronizing them, had been going on and on for quite few years by then. These satellites transmit signals to the devices available on ground. After the […]

Global Positioning System – An Over View

Introduction: The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a space-based tracking system that is maintained with the help of satellites orbiting around Earth. The system provides with the location and time information to anyone or anything with a GPS Receiver. The GPS tracker system can tell the information in all positions, weather anywhere near Earth or […]

GPS tracker – A smooth way of living

What device is now popular in the every field of life whether it is industry our daily life. The correct answer is GPS tracking system. In this modern and highly advanced life every one is in search that gives them protection and also save their money. So GPS is the only device that has many […]

Global positioning system a wonderful technology of the age

If you have a plan to get new and advanced technology for the safety or quick view of your things then must see GPS tracking solution. It is a new and amazing technology of the modern age that has a capacity to take you comfort in every walk of life. Now modern man are in […]

GPS tracking system – an ideal solution of the problems

In the past our ancestors are much worried for the safety of their goods so they use different methods in this regard. Sometimes they suffer great loose and they are not able how to protect their goods. Such things are the heart of them and their loose make them disappointed and depress. Our ancestors are […]

A balanced approach towards bright future

GPS tracking system is highly familiar among all the people. Now many people prefer to select this wonderful as well as amazing device. GPS tracking system enable you to keep a quick eye on your special things. You can easily keep watching your children, old parents, office workers and vehicles as well. Particularly it is […]

Role of Audio direction and crystal clear graphic

It is true that GPS has made the travelling easier and convenient and you do not need to ask again and again of your way. You can follow your way on your mobile with Google map. You can get famous locations, paths and roads to reach your destinations and you can take help from your […]

Advantages of Global positioning system

When you make a plan of safety of your children then must prefer GPS tracking solution. It is a modern way of your kid’s safety. Now you don’t worry at all about your children’s activities that where they are and what they are doing because this wonderful device helps you a lot. Mostly children make […]

New mode of GPS tracker

Which kind of devices attracts you? There is wide range of new and advanced technologies that are very useful in our life. However GPS tracking system is heart of everyone. It is very popular and familiar among people. The appreciation is only due to its high quality. Anyhow GPS tracking system solves many problems. It […]

Uses of GPS tracker

A quick approach towards better life What Is GPS tracking solution? Are you familiar with this wonderful and beneficial device? The history of this amazing device is not old. It is developed in 1973. The basic function of it is defense of soldiers and military vehicles further it plays a very important role in the […]